Courtland Lodge- Phase two

Former British Legion Club Courtland Rd Paignton.


December  2016

Remove all ground floors, demolish non supporting block walls – dig footings for new party walls   stages required due to supporting walls.

December 2016

Resin – rebar and mesh to new footings of external walls - Reinforcing bar on chairs – concrete foundations.


December 2016

Removal of concrete stairway and associated walls to landings - supporting of floor & cross tie steels. 

January 2017 

Under build party walls to new dpc height & concrete oversite.

January 2017

Removal of external support wall for opening to new kitchen - extension to be built – System 160 used to support floors & walls – make door opening from lounge to new patio.

Febuary 2017

Ground floor joists hung between party walls & temporary build on decking with new kitchen extension under construction.

Febuary 2017

Party walls built to new 1st floor height with laid new floors & removal of existing joists & floors cut out cross tie steels.

March 2017

Party walls built to new 2nd floor height & new floors laid to support gantry scaffolding for roof removal - party walls continued to ridge height.

March 2017

Ring beam shuttered onto existing external walls for bolting down of wall plates - Lifting roof timbers & construction of new cut roof.

April 2017

Turret roof supported whilst the octagonal support frame is fitted to the bay opening.   

May - July 2017

New conservatory base is built of stone & brick to match existing – stairs fitted - roofs & internal walls insulated.

August 2017

Windows & front doors fitted - turret bay & conservatory fitted – externals to be completed.

November 2017

Courtland Lodge completed comprising three Town houses.